Welcome to the Hardtop Hub - Australian Falcon Hardtop (Coupe) registry.

Our aim is to document as many of the 22,069 XA XB XC Hardtops built between 1972 and 1978 as we can. We want to know about every one that we can, survivors, restored, modified, unloved, wrecked, rusted, under restoration, stolen, promo and development cars.

The more cars we have the better idea we can get of how many were made in each colour, variation, etc with what options.

The Add Hardtop form is easy to use but detailed so please fill in as much as you can accurately, your welcome to make your VIN partially hidden though we can assure you there really isn't anything someone can do with your VIN, in fact making it known actually makes your car safer as anyone trying to be dodgy would not try to reuse a VIN that is known to exist. Like wise recording destroyed cars helps to avoid stolen cars being rebirthed with old compliance plates.

Click on registry to view the cars already listed, or search to find cars of the same type or a particular spec. If you have a hardtop, use to have one, know someone with one, see one at a show or advertised, please add it to the registry or ask the owner to visit www.hardtophub.com.au to add theirs. We can be contacted at: hardtophub@gmail.com