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EVERY hardtop is welcome. Restored, being restored, daily driven, show cars, wrecks, rusting in paddocks, local, overseas, saw at a show, saw it on eBay, hardtops you or your parents owned in the 70s, 80s, 90s, or whenever. You are not limited to listing only your own current hardtop. If you have at least the complete VIN (e.g. JG66MA12345K) and just the basic engine/trans/paint/trim codes then you've got enough info to list the car. The more info the better and we would love you to add any stories or info in the comments.

Entries or data that is clearly not true, inappropriate or generally not in the spirit of maintaining an accurate registry will be deleted. Your welcome to contact registry admin via the contact form with any questions.

Please have as many details (ideally from your Tags and Ford build report) and images ready before filling out the form below. At this stage changes or updates can only be made by site admin sorry. This stops people being able to edit other peoples cars and removes the risk of people trying to spoil it for others

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